Stunning apparel photography that speaks volumes about your brand

Whether you choose to go with ghost mannequin or talent fashion shoots, we will be able to showcase the style and essence of your brand

Choose the type of shoot that fits your style

Ghost Mannequin

Simple yet practical, ghost mannequins creates the effect of the apparel being worn but without the visual distraction of an actual mannequin

Fashion Shoots With Talents

Enjoy a hassle-free fashion shoot experience as we take care of the shoot locations and provide you with a ready pool of fashion talents to model for your apparel

Model Composite Card Shoot

Are you a model looking to create your very own modelling portfolio? Look no further! Create your very own Composite Card (Compcard) to showcase your best side!

We provide quality and professional in-studio shoot as well as 360 model videos for a more organic and candid representation for models